Electronic and navigation systems service, design, refit and installation of sailing, motor and electric boats and yachts. Our company has 15 years of experience, we have serviced and tested more than 1,300 boats in Lake Balaton and marine environment.


Energy supply

Service and starter battery replacement, lithium battery system installation, battery monitoring and control, system performance cabling and distribution, fuses and circuit breakers installation and replacement. We undertake the calculation of the electrical energy demand of any yachts and the design and installation of the necessary energy supply systems.


Charging, converting

Design, installation, replacement of 12V, 24V and 48V battery chargers and charging systems, installation of charger-inverter combos and converters, installation and adjustment of solar cell, hydrogenerator and diesel generators, automatic charge control and monitoring. During the design and installation of the charging systems, we pay special attention to the stable power supply of the consumers connected to the system and to the protection against galvanic corrosion.


Digital control

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in building digital switching systems. On yachts equipped with a digital system, the entire electronic system, including navigation and e-propulsion system, may be monitored and controlled on a single intelligent touch screen display. Monitoring and control, combined with remote monitoring devices, make it possible to monitor and control the entire electrical network of the yacht from any mobile device.

Remote monitoring

Full system supervision, installation and servicing of standard and infrared camera surveillance and security systems. Access to battery charge data, wind speed, temperature, and any other electronic or navigation-related data. Access and control for charging, lighting, electric drive, heating and consumer electronics from mobile devices.


Design and installation of complete navigation systems, replacement of old navigation evices for inland or marine applications. Chartplotter, wind, depth, speed and position determining devices, construction and repair of autopilot systems, installation of radio and satellite communication and radar equipment. We also offer navigation maps of Lake Balaton for chartplotters.

Consumer electronics, lighting

We undertake the installation and servicing of audio, video and other consumer electronic equipment, the construction and servicing of exterior and interior lighting, navigation lights, underwater lighting, mood and mast lights as well as hydraulic bridges and gangways.


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