With 100 years and more than 100,000 miles of combined maritime experience, our team helps you make the right decisions.


Boat purchase

What kind of boat should I buy? We know the criteria for choosing the right boat, we will suggest one or more boat types according to the needs and capabilities of the prospective owner. Shipping area (inland or offshore), frequency of use, number of berths, equipment and structure, crew training and qualifications and many more parameters are worth considering when buying a boat. Several members of our team sail with their own boats, both on Lake Balaton and at sea, so we have up-to-date information not only about buying a boat, but also about maintaining it.

Ship refitting

The main profile of our company is marine electronics, we have designed, installed, serviced and tested the electrical and navigation systems of more than 1,300 sailing, motor and e-boats. But we’ve already replaced standing and running rigging, built heating and water systems, and replaced complete engines. An expert opinion can save a person a lot of money and time before embarking on a major conversion, whether it’s just replacing the batteries or designing and installing a complete offshore navigation system.


We can also help you choose the right safety, life-saving and other equipment and sports gear needed for sailing. We know what works and what doesn’t, which product is durable and reliable. Every member of our team has been an active sailor for decades, we have used and tested a lot of equipment and gear in a live position. We will share our experience with you to get the right equipment and facilities for your boat.


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